“Beyond the Block” had a special screening on Sunday, 01 October 2017, 7:00 pm, at Vox Cinema, Cineplex Grand Hyatt, Dubai, UAE. The  movie celebrates Philippine culture which regards to dance culture, particularly to hiphop. It pays tribute to Filipino artists who make the Philippines the “Home of World-Class Talents.”

In addition, the movie provides a deeper perspective into the evolution of our dance traditions and its economic and socio-anthropological prospects.

The critically-acclaimed documentary, directed by Mr. Ricardo Carranza, features

interviews of well-known Filipino dancers through the years.  Spanning five decades and filmed in three continents, this energetic docudrama showcases the rich, vivid history of an understated fixture of Pinoy culture.

Beyond the Block chronicles the evolution of Filipino street dance, as seen from the eyes of the filmmaker himself.


To be food sufficient





By Manny Piñol


Every time I see open spaces where only shrubs or weeds grow, I could only shake my head and rue over the food production opportunities that we squander.


I always refer to Israel, although my knowledge of that country’s agricultural advancements was just through my readings, as the best example of how determined, patient and industrious people turned desert areas into a food production oasis.


Maximum utilization of every available land space is an advocacy I have long embraced ever since I returned to the farm in North Cotabato in 1993 after working for over two decades as a full-time journalist in Manila.


When I acquired my farm in Kidapawan City in 1993,  many of my friends told me that the piece of land was useless because there was barely a flat area.


The ravines were deep and the only flat area of over one hectare was swampy.


Unperturbed, I planted fruit trees, mainly Longkong Lanzones in the sloping and treacherously steep areas.


I built ponds in the swampy and depresed areas where at one time I raised freshwater Bangus and where I am now raising Black and Red Tilapia.


In the peripheries and boundaries of the farm I planted Mahogany and Rubber trees.


Leguminous plants like Trichantera, indigofera, Moringa and others were also planted for the goats, native pigs and chicken.


I also planted Oil Palm, coconut, Abaca and about 1,000 hills of the Abuyog Sweet variety of Jack Fruit.


In other vacant spaces, Turmeric and the medicinal Mayana were planted.


Lately, I planted Ginger under the Lanzones and Rubber Trees.


Today, we are cultivating other open spaces for Garlic and Onion production.


What I am trying to show people is that the open spaces under the Coconuts commonly seen in many areas if the country could produce another product which could be a source of additional food or earnigs.


Even in the urban centers, residents could grow their own vegetables using pots and discarded plastic containers.


If Filipinos all over the country would embrace this advocacy, no one in this country will ever go hungry.


God has given us the blessings of fertile land, wide seas, abundant water and plenty of sun to produce.


Squandering and ignoring these God-given resources is not only a display of tragic indolence but more so a sign of disrespect and blasphemy for the Great Creator.


#UseAllAvailableSpace! #Changeishere!


(Photos taken in my farm to show intensive utilization of all available space.)



Depends on the moon-sighting, our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters will be observing the Holy Month of Ramadan that will commence either on the 26th or 27th. It will be a month long sacrifice towards spiritual purity, avoiding earthly desires and fasting.

As most of us are expatriate guest workers to a Muslim host country, we are hereby advised to practice caution and behave safely in respect to the religious and cultural sensitivity of UAE , the rest of GCC and the world.

To avoid fines and penalties or worst put to jail, here are some DO’s and DON’T’s during the Ramadan:

DO’s DON’T’s
1. DO GREET friends and associates, saying a sincere “Ramadan Kareem” or “Ramadan Mubarak.” This expresses oneness and unity for all Muslims and non-Muslims.


1. DO NOT FIGHT or SWEAR with anyone in public. Fighting or swearing during Ramadan is totally very disrespectful. The police will be called to pick you up.
2. DO ACCEPT invitations to “Iftar”or if you’re generous enough, DO PREPARE Iftar to your friends and associates. It’s an amazing opportunity for an intercultural understanding and enjoy delicious food during Iftar.


2. DO NOT TALK about food or what to eat for lunch/dinner when there are Muslims around. Despite it’s unintentional, even at the slightest sight or hearing about food, Muslims feel more hungry and feel the temptation to eat.
3. DO DRESS decently. Wear dress that covers the shoulders and knees especially when out in the streets and malls. Ramadan is not also a good time to go to the beach and water parks.


3. DO NOT WEAR provocative and tight-fitting clothes. Modesty is priority during Ramadan, so better wear something that does not show any skin.
4. DO SOME CHARITIES and remember to give to the less fortunate. You may also volunteer you time with people and organizations packing essential food items and distributing them to families in need and in labor camps around UAE.


4. DON’T PARTY. Dancing, singing or drinking in public is an act of indecency. Dancing is allowed in private home and private events. Night clubs and discos will be closed for Ramadan. DO NOT SING ALONG or MURMUR the lyrics of your favorite songs while on the bus or metro.
5. DO CONSIDERATION to workers who are having a difficult time at work while fasting. Some might feel weak and easily get tired during the fast.


5. DO NOT EAT or DRINK in public. Eat only in assigned places and on designated time.
6. DO AVOID the rush hours. It is very unsafe to drive during this period as the roads will be so full of Muslims rushing to go home to break the fast or attend Iftar celebrations. Muslim drivers are on fast the whole day, so expect that they lose focus and attention on traffic. Always drive safely.


6. DO NOT PLAY loud music ether you are at home, car, bus or metro. Use earphone or headsets but be mindful also not to put the volume level up that disturbs people near you. You can still enjoy your favorite songs but make sure it does not annoy anyone.
7. Do SHOW COURTESY and gender sensitivity. It is very polite not to offer shaking hands to a Muslim of the opposite sex unless they offer their hands first. Men and women (esp .women) do not shake hands with the opposite sex during Ramadan.


7. DO NOT CHEW GUM or SMOKE (cigarette/sisha) from sunset to sunrise. Muslims wake up before sunrise and fast the whole day and go to work, so we have to be more sensitive about this.



I grew up in Itogon, a tiny gold-producing town, where people live poor simple lives …during a time when everyone treated each other like family. We went outside to play with neighbors and we got dirty. It was a time where we could play fully drenched under the rain and play safely even late nights.

We ate whatever our parents, grandparents and neighbors cooked. We ate dinengdeng, paksiw, saluyot and malunggay, pancit, adobo, sinigang, spaghetti, fried chicken, tinola, tocino, nilaga, barbecue, ginataan, turon, banana cue even exotic foods like ‘adobong palaka’ or ‘bayawak’ which tasted like chicken. We played jolens, tumbang preso, tex, patintero, taguan, jackstones, chinese garter, agawan base and so many more.

We could take a walk in the streets and run in the fields, get muddy on the rice paddies. Sneak out during nap time in the afternoon and go swimming in the river. We weren’t AFRAID OF ANYTHING BUT OUR ELDERS. We were taught RESPECT FOR OTHERS AND THEIR PROPERTY.

As a child you didn’t speak if an adult was talking. We called our friend’s parents Uncle and Auntie – never their first name because that was disrespectful! If someone had a fight, it was a fist fight; kids didn’t have guns when we grew up. When it got dark we knew it was time to come inside. Occasionally we stayed out to catch fireflies. We loved going to school because we had loving, caring teachers and we got to see our friends. We watched our mouths around our elders because we knew If you DISRESPECTED any grown up you would get a spanking!

We need to get back to those times because we’re losing a society, children these days are living in a society with no respect for authority and no compassion for others.

Re-post with where you grew up if you’re proud that you came from a closely knit community and will never forget where you came from! (copy & paste please!) 😊

How about you, tell us about how you grew up and enjoyed your childhood.

How did it differ from those of today and the yesteryears? Did your town and townspeople change a lot?

Why I am not voting for Duterte!!!


Chaotic, desperate…bloody…lives will be sacrificed for the benefit of the greater good. This is perhaps the best way I could describe the upcoming Philippine elections, the least way I saw it in a vision. It is scene where change-hungry Filipinos will no longer be stopped for possessing what really belongs to them—Freedom—manipulatedly  given to them but realistically hidden from them.

I am looking forward for a day that no more desperation to work or migrate to other countries because of this shit politician system in the country. No other better days when the time comes where rich Asian countries and westerners would come migrate to the Philippines not to fuck up and inseminate our women but rather work for us.

I had had always been a very very desperate person who is so fed up and begging to be out almost every day to be out of this system. I could have had wished to be a politician myself to work the visions which are very much doable in my generation but that would totally mean shortening my lifespan for vey obvious reasons.  But I believe there are so many different ways to influence change, and one of the best ways I believe is to influence other people to be like in way similar to yours—teach, train people similar to yourself and implant in them visions of a radical future.

du7Well, I do not have to do such radical things now since this cocky guy from Davao stood up always acting and taking crime and  violence to the point of putting justice into his own hands. WHY? Because he is taking it seriously…that is to say, his last chance of saving his countrymen, and unto him, his countrymen believes that he is indeed the last card, not only the last card but the only card.

How else would change hungry and desperate people, almost to the brink of losing their sanity to this sick poverty-stricken country? Don’t expect patience and order-but total violence and is going to be bloody. Believe me!!!

Duterte is no longer an option, but through desperation and his magic causes people to act in either in a life or death situation. Whether online, on media or on the streets, many would bash him, hate him, plot to assassinate him, but he is for sure the surest winner in the May polls.

Nothing could stop the landslide victory now. Only violence, chaos, disorder…only death could stop his proclamation. His presidency might be shortlived, but his supporters will act according to his visions.

du6He may be a crash-talker, a mother-fucker, a womanizer, an immoral but there is no other one asshole brave enough  to change and challenge the corrupt Philippine culture. There is none like him. Even earlier haters and enemies would turn up and rally for him. If this could be diagnosed as a disease—it would be perhaps tagged as Duterte Sickness!!!

No matter how talented and skilled Filipinos are, their country is still as fucked up as ever and it will continue to get  worse, generation after generation unless someone steps up, and not only one but everyone would step up to uphold the reforms this Duterte has been envisioning the poor Philippines to be. And such reforms could never be done in long patience, nice, legal ways but fast radical means!!! Now that is justice, as how Duterte defines them.

du5I am proud to say that I am representing a generation of people hungry for radical change. I am one of them. I am one of you! I am so sick of this country that I even thought of giving up my citizenship, not once, not twice, but thrice because being a Filipino citizen in an international audience is a liability- you appear the be the bullied, the “fuckface” in the international crowd.

Year after year, I was frustrated looking for jobs, despite great belief in myself, in my talent, in my credentials. Sadly I never landed on decent jobs back home despite international certifications due to obvious nepotism and “palakasan” in the system. Well, there were jobs for me (for us) back home and indeed there are so many jobs available back home. It could not be denied that there are so many job vacancies but the paychecks do not seem to compensate for time, talent and hardwork.

Working back home became such a heavy chore—it was too much of a hassle that we have to go through daily stress of such hellish office politics too. Despite working, it was so stressful—again the word frustration– a desperation to uplift the self and the family financially.

It could not be denied that no idiot educated Filipino would want a meager amount for his talent and skill. There were so many reforms in education to match with employment demands after graduation but almost none were realized.

The Philippines is so sick, almost impossible for a cure, or to the least –treatment. Joblessness, illiteracy,  homelessness, criminality, migration. It is too sick, that I for one representing millions of families back home opted to be an OFW sacrificing away from family and the risk of not returning whole…Financial prosperity in exchange for the loneliness, depression and the homesickness that never  gets cured each day away from your favorite nagging neighbor, home and family (add pets too) .

du2Desperate people like me found Duterte to be the only candidate and probably the last presidential candidate to come up crash talking, fucking people live on media, waving dirty fingers on screen. Well, those dirty fingers best represents the Philippines anyways—all fucked up and crap as seen by the international community.

I am just one of the uncountable OFWS who are poor. All OFWS are fucking poor. If we get decent jobs at home and strike gold, then we don’t have to experience all these psycho-social collaterals for decent food and education for our families. Again, all OFWs are poor. Accept that, and if you are one of the family or relatives or a even a friend of an OFW, don’t you ever fucking think that being an OFWs is all milk and honey because life away from  family is so fucking not so easy. Unless you felt, life away from your GF or wife was better!!!

I am an OFW, and my president will always be Duterte regardless how fucking sick he is too. A killer, a womanizer, an immoral, a liar, I just do not really care about his spirituality anymore—I am Christian, and I believe that he is God’s chosen president for the Philippines. And God will surely bless his killings and executions for the greater good. Historically and biblically, God allowed the mass murders and killings of people for the greater good. (1 Samuel)  Duterte wanted everyone to obey the law, not to go above it or bend it as most fucked up lawyers do, did, done and doing.

The Philippines has the smartest people in the world, and there is no doubt about it. It has too many smart lawyers that made smart but useless laws. They all became useless because they lacked implementation which made politicians easier to go above and beyond these laws for their own selfish advantage that secured power generation after generation of politicians.

du3Without Duterte seated as President could no longer see the next generation of the Philippines to live happy and secured lives. The hard life will become harder. Duterte’s platforms might look impossible and too good for words doing the cleaning of the system in months but putting more faith in him might prove possible. I am not wishing for the Philippines to become paradise but if there is a possibility, then it might change my plans of not returning to the Philippine anymore or give up giving up my citizenship.

Radical change might not happen overnight. It might take months or even years. The Filipinos for the past 6 presidents have lived in deception and media manipulated progress. I never felt the urgency to go back home or planning to go home anytime soon. In fact, I am so sick of the Philippine that I do not want to go back anymore. Yes, she is so fucking sick impossible to cure, to treat!!! Only desperation, chaos, disorder, violence, death could cure her.

We are so fucked up that only Duterte felt something needs to be overhauled, even to the point of killing those who wouldn’t obey his directives. I like this!!! Death to all who are making the Philippines sick.


If you are Filipino and you think that the Philippine is ok, you are not a Filipino. Only a genuine authentic Filipino knows that the country is so fucking sick worthy of burial in the international community. And seemingly only Duterte has the remedies if not immediate cures to put the Philippines back on the map to her former glory!!!

I am so sick, I am so desperate. I could no longer wait. And many more out there, even millions out there shouting for whatever fucking reasons for all to unite and vote for Duterte…

(Watch our for tomorrow for the Part 2 of this blog)

Are you excited to know more about the stories and sentiments of  every ordinary Filipino towards the Philippine government? of other expats view of the Philippines?” Do you want to know how would it ever be possible for  you to enjoy your stay in the Philippines without the hassles of stress of travelling too far?

Do you have an interesting story or a terrible experience of the Philippines? Share your experiences too!!!